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Gravy is powered by a team of people who are passionate about helping business owners succeed and dedicated to solving the biggest inefficiencies in their business.

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We believe in the human touch as a way to make better customer experiences happen.

We are on a mission to create an affordable, more efficient way for businesses to engage and manage failed payments AND bring the human element back to the cold world of automated, digital communication.

The leading customer retention and failed payment recovery solution for businesses with subscriptions and memberships.

Open Positions

We're looking for a Retention Specialist to join the Gravy Train in 2020! This role will be responsible for developing and maintaining healthy relationships with an assigned roster of clients, managing the Gravy Recovery Process and proactively managing payment recovery activity and communicating the results to each client.

Retention Specialist 


Gravy is looking for a proven sales development representative with a track record of successfully developing new sales qualified opportunities through outbound prospecting. The right candidate will be a critical sales team member with direct responsibility for effectively moving leads through the sales pipeline in collaboration with the Marketing team and Sales Executive team.

Sales Development Representative 


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What Our Team is Saying

Casey Graham

Co-Founder & CEO

"I love Gravy because we get to impact the lives of real business owners by helping them recover hard earned revenue & customers."

Britton Clark

VP of Marketing

"My favorite part about working at Gravy is the culture. You know you're in the right place when you don't dread Mondays."

Tara Horstmeyer

Partner Manager

"Gravy is growing so fast and there's so much opportunity for team members like myself to learn new skills. I feel like I'm getting another degree!" 

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